The 7 Most Beautiful Train Stations in the World with photos

Some travelers consider that only reaching and visiting tourist attractions of the destination is enjoyable and pleasant, not paying attention enough to their travel route. However, sometimes the trip route and waiting for a train in the station to arrive might be as interesting and attractive as tourist attractions of the destination. Here, we are going to know the seven most beautiful train stations in the world, that themselves are popular different tourist attractions!

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Tokyo Shibuya Station

Shibuya train station, which is one of the busiest stations in Japan, has been designed by Tadao Ando. Every day, more than two million passengers use this station to move through. Shibuya station is an entrance to the suburbs of Tokyo from downtown. The architects have tried to design a station in which passengers would have a pleasant experience. They intended to encourage people to use the train instead of their cars. Shibuya train station looks wonderfully like a spaceship, and users get to the station’s basement through a three-storey cabin.


Munich St. Quirin Platz station

Saint-Quirin station has been designed by Hermann and Otel. A lot of specialists believe subway stations are pretty dark and scary, thus too much energy is wasted for proper lighting. On the other hand, it has been proven daylight can make the experience of traveling much more pleasant. Hence, bringing lighting through skylights into an underground station would be an important job.

Paris Arts et Métiers station

Also called the station of Arts and Crafts, Arts et Métiers station is the main public transportation for passengers to get to the Museum of Arts and Crafts of Paris. This station has two lines of the Paris metro. Located under a museum that is full of unique and creative artworks, the Art and Business Station required something similar to be unique. That’s why the station building has been designed like an artwork that is supposed to tell a story or talk about a movement or transition. A work that talks about life, works, and even the words of the people in the neighborhood.


Singapore Expo Station

Designed by Norman Foster, the Expo Train Station has been planned to transport passengers from and to the Singapore Expo Centre. Because of Singapore’s tropical climate, architects had to use some special architectural elements to keep travelers cool. Actually, the main aim of designing the station was to protect passengers from severe weather conditions such as winter cold, rain moisture, or even sunlight. So the designers have used a creative approach rather than using a false ceiling to have enough protection.

Hua Hin Station, Thailand

Hua Hin Station is one of the oldest train stations in Thailand and transfers passengers to a small coastal town that was once a royal destination in Thailand. Even though Hua Hin Station is one of the smallest stations on this list, its unique Thai architectural style makes it one of the most beautiful train stations in the world. The station contains a royal waiting room that was once used to greet the king and his entourage upon arrival at Hua Hin. In case you are going to visit this exceptional station and also the dreamy beaches of Thailand, you can buy a Thailand tour and start your amazing journey. To save money and have an economical trip, we recommend you get help from Ghasedak24. Offered in numerous packages, Ghasedak24 Thailand tour price is the lowest among other travel agencies.

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Dubai Metro Station

Because of the city’s population growing, roads and transport authorities of Dubai created a rail system, working on the Dubai Metro in the early 21st century. Dubai Metro consists of two lines and nearly 50 stations. The shopping center of the Dubai Metro station is on the red line near the Burj Khalifa, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world. This station has unique features; ranging from skylights that bring natural light into the station to the roof that provides air conditioning and cooling. The design of this station, like other metro stations in Dubai, is in harmony with the architecture of other buildings in the city. With our tours to Dubai and Emirates, you can have a great journey in this tourist city, which is known as Asia’s New York, experiencing amazing moments. Click to buy a Dubai tour.

Final word

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